With over 18 years experience working with computers, you have come to the right place for knowledgeable, reliable, honest repair services in the Columbia area. I will work with you to solve your computer problems and help get you up and running! I do all of the services below, and if you don’t see it, just ask. If I cannot help you, I will direct you to someone who can.


Viruses and Malware (Adware & Spyware)

These pests are tricky to remove. Sometimes they can be cleaned out in an hour and a half and sometimes it takes 2 hours, or the whole system has to be reloaded. My philosophy on computer repair in general, is to always do the least invasive repair to start with, and move up with more drastic measures as the first steps do not work. Viruses today are very difficult to remove and can be very time consuming. Some computers can be so infected, the only way to fix it, is to reload Windows, but this is usually an extreme case.


You may find someone removing viruses for $35 and they can do it in a couple hours. Well, all I can say is you get what you pay for, and many times I end up getting these computers in the shop to fix the right way. We have many time tested techniques and tools that remove the viruses and clean the machine up correctly.


Hardware Troubleshooting & Repair
There are times when computers do weird things and you just need some help sorting it out. I like weird things, they make my day more interesting. I am an expert troubleshooter, so bring me those weird problems that I can help with. From your screen going wacky to your power supply smoking or your fans making noise, I can help get your computer on the right track.


Software Troubleshooting & Repair

Did your printer stop working? How about your sound? Did it suddenly just stop working? I can help get your drivers and the proper software to fix these problems and any other software issue. I can also install software for you such as Microsoft Office, printers, games, cameras, mp3 players, webcams, anything that needs to be installed or fixed.


Laptop Troubleshooting & Repair

As laptops have become more popular, so have the repairs. They take a beating, get banged around, and are subjected to dusty environments. They are bound to have issues. I am an expert at diagnosing hardware and software problems on laptops. Notebooks and laptops use different hardware than towers, and require an extreme amount of patience to work on. Everything is very tight, and just opening a laptop or notebook can make one dizzy.


There are a couple of common problems on laptops. One of the most popular is the DC Jack (power receptacle) works loose, and does not work properly. This is caused by poor design and wear and tear as the power supply is plugged in and it loosens the whole receptacle. The second major issue is screen problems. Most laptop hardware issues are labor intensive and usually run 2-3 hours of labor, plus parts.


Data Recovery

I have advanced tools to recover data from hard drives, even if the drive has been formatted, there is a chance that I can recover some or all of it. I have other advanced data recovery services with a company that I partner with to help in the more extreme cases.


Hardware Upgrades

There are a bunch of things I can do to your computer to make it run faster and better. Some of these things include adding more memory, another hard drive, DVD burner, media card reader, video card, sound card and more.


New Computer Systems

I build high quality machines that last. I use all the best parts available, and would rather not skimp on things like the big manufacturers will do. Sure my system will cost you more than if you run down to Walmart and buy one, but who will help you if you have problems? What happens, if in 6 months, your hard drive fails? I support my customers and take care of them right away. I am not in India and I speak English! I will take the time to sit with you, find out your needs, and build a system that works for you.


With my systems you get a full 1 year in shop warranty on parts and labor. I also give you a free 6 month physical clean out and checkup.



I enjoy working with businesses and helping to set up an office, or repairing business computers. I do not charge more like most companies, just my standard rate. From wireless or wired networking to replacing hard drives or installing networked printers, I can help with your business computer needs.



If there are specific needs you have that are not listed here, and need consulting on how to approach a project and integrate computers, I can help. Just give me a call or send me an email. If I cannot help you with my expertise, I can recommend you to a local professional that can help you.